The club is managed by an elected committee with the assistance of appointed deputies. Contact details for all elected positions are on the contact page. 

Members of the Committee

Profile Photo for Alex Ballantyne

Alex Ballantyne

Profile Photo for Steven Birkett

Steven Birkett
Vice President

Profile Photo for Alex Hormann

Alex Hormann

Profile Photo for Darcey Delagnes

Darcey Delagnes

Profile Photo for Maggie Dick

Maggie Dick
Walking Sports Officer

Profile Photo for Robert Springer

Robert Springer
Safety Officer

Profile Photo for Charles Edgecombe

Charles Edgecombe
Snow Sports Officer

Profile Photo for Hugh Mason

Hugh Mason
Rope Sports Officer

Profile Photo for Natalie Uhlikova

Natalie Uhlikova
Paddling Sports Officer

Profile Photo for Rodney Polkinghorne

Rodney Polkinghorne
Mountaineering Officer

Profile Photo for Taner Kucukyuruk

Taner Kucukyuruk
Publications Officer

Profile Photo for Meghan Mussehl

Meghan Mussehl
Conservation Officer

Profile Photo for Ruby Adams

Ruby Adams
General Member

Profile Photo for Oliver Vogel-Reed

Oliver Vogel-Reed
General Member

The Club Committee is the main governing entity and oversees most of, if not all, important Club activities and decisions. Consisting of Club members with the initiative to undertake leadership roles of varying demand, the Committee provides an opportunity for MUMC members to make a difference.

Any Club member can apply for the positions described below; applications are considered and voted upon at the Annual General Meeting, held in August every year.

While it is common to have one person in a Committee role, sometimes it is acceptable to pair up with a friend and share a partnership. Typically the Executive (consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) cannot share roles, though Assistants may be elected if necessary. The other positions — Officers, and Deputies — may have multiple rolebearers.

Terms of office are held for one year after election in August when the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held.

The Deputies

The Deputies are appointed by the committee to assist in the management of the club. Notice of a new deputy-ship will be given to the Club when it is to be appointed, and all Club members are welcome to apply.

Profile Photo for Jack McCutchan

Jack McCutchan
Hut Warden Deputy

Profile Photo for Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith
Canoe Polo Deputy

Profile Photo for Caio Seguin

Caio Seguin
Rogaining Deputy

Profile Photo for T J

BSAR Delegate

Profile Photo for Taner Kucukyuruk

Taner Kucukyuruk
Webmaster Deputy

Profile Photo for Adele Westgard

Adele Westgard
Inclusion Deputy

Profile Photo for Anthony Cuskelly

Anthony Cuskelly
Inclusion Deputy

Profile Photo for Matilda Lilford

Matilda Lilford
Inclusion Deputy