MUMC Membership Form

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MUMC will use your email address to send you membership information, information relating to trips you have signed up for and general club announcements. You may cease receiving general club announcements by unsubscribing from the MUMC mailing list at any time.

The Information you have provided in this Club Membership Form will be used by MU Sport to facilitate your access to, and use of, MU Sport facilities and services through the relevant MU Sport Club with which you are a member. MU Sport may also use this information for its internal planning purposes and the development of a "sports alumni" at the University. By completing this form, you provide your consent to the University using your information for these purposes. The University must comply with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (VIC) when collecting, using, disclosing and managing personal information. You may access the University’s policy at and privacy queries may be directed to .

Member Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that MU Sport seeks to provide an environment that encourages the positive values of respect, fairness, responsibility and safety. I have read and understood, and agree to comply with, all applicable University or MU Sport policies and procedures which are set out at and will obey the reasonable instructions of MU Sport and Club activity facilitators or instructors as relevant to my Club.

I understand that if I:

  1. Engage in activities that bring MU Sport and/or the University into disrepute or that are illegal;
  2. Intentionally misuse or cause damage to MU Sport assets or property;
  3. Engage in a serious misuse of Club funds or misappropriation of Club funds; or
  4. Engage in a serious breach of a University or MU Sport policy

That MU Sport may act against me to suspend or terminate my membership, and in the event that I am a University staff member or student, that MU Sport reserves the right to take further disciplinary action under the relevant University statutes, regulations, policies and procedures.

Rules & Waiver

I wish to become a member of the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club, Incorporated—hereafter MUMC. I support the purposes of MUMC, contained in its Constitution. I agree to comply with the Constitution and all other rules of the association being in force from time to time and undertake to read the activity code or codes relevant to the Club Activities I choose to undertake.

I understand and agree that:

  • it is my responsibility to have my health and wellbeing assessed to determine if I am physically fit and able to participate in any Club Activities;
  • Club Activities are voluntary and I choose to participate in them of my own free will;
  • MUMC does not provide any returns or refunds for membership fee;
  • My participation in Club Activities may expose me to risk of personal injury;
  • It is a condition of my participation in Club Activities that I participate at my own risk;
  • The coordinators of any Club Activities may at any time exclude me from participation in Club Activities in their absolute discretion; and
  • Unless I have the legal capacity to do so on my own, any representative of the University or MUMC responsible for any Club Activities may authorise on my behalf, such medical assistance as that representative considers necessary in the event of an accident or other emergency situation. I undertake to be responsible for the cost of any such medical assistance.

As a condition of my participation in Club Activities, I agree that to the extent that the law allows, the University of Melbourne and MUMC and its members are absolved from all liability arising from injury or damage to me, however it is caused (whether fatal or otherwise) whilst participating in Club Activities.

I understand that should I be involved in an incident in the course of an officially sanctioned MUMC trip, I am covered by insurance provided by the Melbourne University Sports Association, for loss or damage of university equipment and public liability and any appropriate claim that I make from this body must be made in a timely manner.

I have read and understood all of the above.