Date posted: Sat, 9 Jul 2022
Posted by: Callum E

Hello everyone,

First, welcome to new and returning members. We hope that you have been able to get out on plenty of outdoor adventures with the club! We thought we would use this as an opportunity to introduce some new committee members and give you a run down on how the club functions.

Recently we elected a new President and Snow Sports Officer:

President: Jake Forker

My name is Jake and I am your club president for 2022. I've got a keen interest in hiking and climbing and my goal for this year is to fast track leaders with existing skillsets to be leaders within the club and also to improve access to club events for more students to allow them to get the most out of the club

Snow Sports Officer: Edyrn Mudie

My name is Edyrn and I'm the MUMC snow sports officer for 2022. I've spent quite a bit of time in the high country and alps, and I love hiking in all sorts of conditions. After the relative chaos of the past two years, my focus is on encouraging new leaders, increasing accessibility for newcomers, and ensuring the conditions for snowsports to thrive in the years to come.

We also recently elected the following deputy positions:

● Emily Webb Ware: Hut Warden

● Tuna Nguyen: Bushwalking Deputy

● Luke Spencer: Social Media Deputy

The rest of the committee members and deputies can be found here Please come and say hello at Tuesday club meetings and ask us anything!

Safety Reminders

 Just a quick reminder that everyone should have Ambulance Victoria membership! Ambulance fees can cost thousands of dollars without a membership. A lot of private health insurances come with Ambulance Victoria membership so check with your insurance provider if you are not sure.

Also a reminder to trip leaders that the MUS trip notification form ( must be filled out for all MUMC trips prior to leaving. It only takes 5 minutes to fill out and is important for MUS knowing where we are in case of an emergency. Remember to cc in trip brief emails too!

MUMC Hut Sub Committee

Recently a hut sub committee was formed with the purpose of figuring out the best way to maintain/repair the MUMC hut. If you have been to the hut recently then you would know that it is in need of a bit of tlc. We are looking for people who are committed to helping the hut in the long run especially with general admin and organising to join the committee. We will also be sending out a survey soon so stay tuned!

If you are interested or have any suggestions for the hut please email Emily Webb Ware on or Callum and Emma at .

A call out to keen Outdoor Enthusiasts

MUMC is a volunteer run club and can only continue running because of the tireless work of volunteer committee members, volunteer trip leaders and of course members being willing to come on trips! Given we are a university club, it is vital that we have new trip leaders as well as new committee members come through each year to ensure the club can continue running. We are very much reliant on members giving back to the club.

If you are a keen bushwalker/kayaker/rock climber/mountaineer/outdoor enthusiast then you may be interested in becoming a trip leader. An awesome advantage of being a trip leader is that you get to organise your own trips and decide where to go! Each sport in the club has a different process for signing off leaders so if you are interested in becoming a trip leader, please contact the relevant sports officer which you can find here (

The AGM is also coming up and usually happens sometime in August-September. There are heaps of committee positions and deputy positions available. Also contact the relevant committee member if you are interested in joining the committee!


 Midnight Ascent

We have Midnight Ascent coming up which is an annual tradition of hiking up to the MUMC hut in the snow at

midnight. Remember you must have done at least 2 club trips to be able to sign up. This year's theme is Where's Wally? So grab your stripey red and white tops (or yellow and black if you want to be Odlaw, or your wizard/dog outfits). Don't know what midnight ascent is? More information can be found here ( and here ( placeholder-save-the-date).

Signups will open on July 12 at 7:00pm. See you in the outdoors!


MUMC Committee


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