Date posted: Tue, 10 Nov 2015
Posted by: Daniel Andreasen-Cocker

Hi everyone, the new committee has been hard work already.

An agreement has been reached between the lawyers acting for the university insurance and Sally. This is a significant step forward for Sally, her family and MUMC. Please be aware this is a confidential agreement and the need to respect this.

Ropes sport suspension remains in place, the committee is still working through getting this suspension lifted. The directive to allow rope sports will need to come from the university legal team. At this point the suspension cannot be lifted until documented policies and procedures are in place. If you are able to help with this please let me know or the sport officer of the sport you are willing to help. Please also respect that it is important the club does not look like it is climbing when undertaking private activities.

Thanks to members who have provided feedback on club policies and team app. I have had multiple people disappointed about the red tape that is in place. We have all been in situations where the bureaucracy is excessive to negotiate, and following rules can be obstructive and busy work. Unfortunately this is a reality, we may be a casual club but in contemporary society every organisation needs to follow documented policies and procedures. We cannot escape them. The existence of this club rests with the university legal team. If they feel what we do is not up to standard or "too risky" the club could be forced to close. Please continue to provide feedback, especially if you have an idea that could improve things and make them more streamline.

On a happier note sport officers will be preparing budgets for new gear over the coming weeks (well once exams are over). If you have any ideas or suggestions please have a chat to the relevant officer.

The first meeting of the new committee is next Wednesday (18/11) so feel free to come along and take part in the discussions affecting our club.

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