Date posted: Wed, 29 Apr 2015
Posted by: Gaetan Riou

Have you ever wondered what to do if someone is injured while in the bush? Or wondering what techniques may have changed since you last completed a first aid course? Now is your opportunity to improve your knowledge.

MUMC has $2000 available to subsidise up to 50% of the cost of first aid training for members. Applications must be successful prior to undertaking the course and monies will be reimbursed following evidence of successful completion (e.g. completion certificate). Applications must be received before 30th May and the course completed by 30th December. Answer the selection criteria below and email to Dan, .

  1. Some general info about yourself- who you are, how long have you been participating in MUMC, what sports and level do you participate, and involvement in relevant club trips.
  2. Why you think you would benefit from the training?
  3. How will the club benefit from you participating in the training?
  4. A brief outline of how you may have previously shown other requirements for running club trips- such as your organisational abilities, understanding and following the clubs risk management plan during trips, awareness of issues in the outdoors and of activity specific requirements.
  5. Course details, i.e. name, provider, planned date(s) and cost.

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