Date posted: Sun, 15 May 2016
Posted by: Daniel A

Looking forward to winter? I am with a very brief teasing this week with snow falling in the mountains. This Thursday there is a snow sports fun evening for planning, information or just a social gathering, so come along for some inspiration. Otherwise Banff film festival is coming up in a few weeks and there is always inspiration (or just craziness) there.

Last email for tonight, I promise!

Club Forum 

We’d like to have another club forum for everyone to have a chance to find out what’s happening around the club, what the committee have been up to, to suggest plans and directions for the club and a chance to ask any questions. Unfortunately I’ve scheduled it for swot vac, but I’m sure it would be a good reason to have a break from study for part of the evening. PLUS THERE WILL BE PIZZA and we all need to stop and eat. It will be Tuesday (31st May) after the regular meeting at 7.45pm. There are three important meetings coming up with MUSA and MU Sport in the next two weeks, which means I will have some positive news for the club to share. 

As last time here’s a planned agenda, if you’d like an item discussed let me know or come along on the night and ask some questions. 


  • Ropes sport update 
  • Club governance review update 
  • 50th anniversary of the hut plans 
  • New trip procedures (also see below) 
  • Potential role of a club safety officer (also see below) 
  • Adventure grant recipients

Safety Officer

About 15 years ago the club had a role of a safety officer. I would like the club to consider if this is a role that we should re-instate. This is a discussion point at the moment so come along to the club forum to share ideas. 

The role could include: 

Overseeing and organising leader training. 

Actively following up with trip leaders regarding safety issues. 

Maintaining a record of incidents, near misses and safety issues for analysis over time. 

It would be best the role would a voting committee position and therefore require a constitution change. Potential options would include either creating another committee position or replacing one of the general member roles.

PLB hire 

The club increased our stock of PLB’s from 2 to 8 last year. This allows much greater flexibility with hiring of PLB’s. The committee approved last week for PLB’s to be hired for personal trips of members. PLB’s are available to members who have been on three club trips in the past three months or been a member for more than one year. PLB’s can only be hired if they are not required for a club trip. 

To hire one see the bushwalking gear store on a Tuesday night and an email must be sent to with a detailed trip plan such as who is on the trip, route plans, activities, planned return dates, emergency contact, etc. (The other email regarding general guidelines for what to include). 

If the device is activated a committee member will be contacted by emergency services and this is why it is important to have the details for such a trip. It is not very practicable for each person to change the PLB contact details each time (as previously this hasn’t happened with hiring). Therefore if a member is a repeat offender with failing to provide the information to the email address they will be prohibited from hiring club PLB’s and will be required to hire them commercially.

Incident Reporting 

The committee has implemented a standing item at every committee meeting to review any reported incidents. This item is not just for actual injury but if any member would like to raise a concern about safety or procedures and importantly any near miss incidents. If there is something you would like to contribute please talk to a committee member.

Bush Search and Rescue 

MUMC members were involved assisting police with a recent search for a missing person near Mansfield. This is a very valuable service members contribute to those in need. Searches are always at short notice and therefore can be difficult to attend therefore the more members involved the more people who can be available. If you’re interested there is a training weekend on the 16th and 17th of July or chat to Ryan Judd our BSAR representative.

Clubrooms cleaning 

The clubrooms have been in much better condition since a weekly cleaning roster has been started. However it is generally the same small group of people who are cleaning. If you haven’t done any of the jobs yet maybe put your name down next week. Many hands make light work.

Change in Locks 

Following the break ins a few weeks ago the club has changed the locks to the gear stores. If you have an existing key please return it to the sports officer who can also issue you with a key to the relevant gear store. Gear stores are now on different locks.

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