Date posted: Sun, 28 Aug 2016
Posted by: Simin N

Nominations for Committee 2016-2017

Natalie Care
Daniel Cocker

Natalie Care
Daniel Cocker
Luke Frisken

Rodney Polkinghorne
Georgina Snelling

Steven Birkett

Walking Sports Officer
Gopi Manne (withdrawn)

Snow Sports Officer
Georgina Snelling
Adele Westgård

Rope Sports Officer
Matt Dunwoodie

Paddling Sports Officer
(No nominees)

Mountaineering Officer
Luke Frisken
Thomas Patton
Mitchell Stephen

Conservation Officer
Isabel Cornes

Publications Officer
Nabilah Zulkifli

General Members
Isabel Cornes
Anna Detmold
Lingshu Liu
Robert Springer (withdrawn)

Safety Officer (subject to Constitutional amendment)
Daniel Cocker
Isabel Cornes
Georgina Snelling

Candidates who are nominated for more than one position: 
These candidates must hand the Returning Officer a written statement setting out the list of positions for which they are nominated in order of preference.

Any member can only be elected to one position.  If a candidate wins the ballot for more than one position, then they are deemed elected to their preferred position according to the statement submitted.

Proxy votes:
Any current member is eligible to vote to elect the new Committee. Members unable to attend the AGM wishing to vote please submit a Form of Appointment of Proxy to the Chairperson before the commencement of the meeting.

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