Date posted: Mon, 11 May 2015
Posted by: Richard Bassett-Smith

Padding Officer and Deputy Positions Available

Our seasoned paddling officer is off once again but with the paddling season not far away these next few months are the time to get ready. With the position now up for grabs the Committee would like to invite nominations for the role.

In addition we would also like to put together a team of deputies to work collectively in preparing for the up coming season. Needless of your experience if you would like to get involved your help would be brilliant.

What's involved you may ask? There's plenty of gear maintenance to be done but on the more exciting side of things we need to spend our paddling budget on a bunch of new gear.

As for actually getting out and going paddling? Over winter is a perfect opportunity to get together, learn how to role and to work on your technique. What we need is to give the sport some drive and gain a collective focus. This way come the start of the season we're all ready to go.

Email the otherwise join us at the next committee meeting, Monday 18th at the clubrooms, 7 pm.

The Cake Baking Deputy

The committee is pleased to announce a new deputy position: Cake baking deputy.

The role of the position is to supply baked goods generically referred to as ‘cake’ however may also include pies, tarts, muffins and other such delicacies for committee meetings and potentially other official club functions.

The usual committee meeting has 10-15 attendees depending on the items on the agenda and the attendance of both committee members, deputies and normal club members however with the introduction of this deputy position it is foreseeable that there will be an increased attendance at the meetings meaning the deputy may need to ensure their cakes cater for up to 20 people.

It has been considered that some applicants may attempt to sway the vote of committee members by plying them with samples of their product at or possibly even before the next committee meeting when this position will be filled. The committee highly encourages this behavior.

Email the otherwise join us at the next committee meeting, Monday 18th at the clubrooms, 7 pm.

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