Date posted: Mon, 15 Feb 2016
Posted by: Daniel Andreasen-Cocker

So You've Joined The Mountaineering Club!


MUMC has among its many activities something for you – whether you’re after a quiet weekend in the bush or a challenge to really push yourself. The club can offer you Bushwalking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Caving, Cross Country Skiing, Canyoning, Rogaining, Canoe Polo, Conservation, Bush Search and Rescue and of course, Mountaineering!

Intro Trip 
Only three weeks away, this is the ideal trip for the newcomer to get a taste of the exciting stuff we do at MUMC. As a new MUMC member, you will get the chance to try out a bunch of our sports all in the one weekend. With limited places available, you better be quick as sign ups are only confirmed upon payment! More information

Come and Find Us at Our Clubhouse 
We're just south of the main campus at 169-171 Berkeley St, opposite the ‘SPOT’ building. We have a Bouldering Wall, Lunchroom with Kitchen facilities, Library and a Movie Theatre!

Tuesday Night TRIP MEETINGS - 7.00 PM 
It's here you can find out what trips are heading away, confirm your place at the trip meeting and arrange the hire of any gear you may need. Afterwards join us at 'The Corkman' pub for dinner and to hear about our summer adventures. Best of all, the club meets all year round with trips every weekend!

Friday Night Social - 5 PM onwards 
Come along after Uni to hang out, the evening is really up to you. With everything the clubhouse has to offer, from films and bouldering to having a place to put your feet up and chill out. These nights will run throughout the semester.

We're Having a Film Night!

Did we mention we have our own Movie Theatre at the clubhouse? Well, we do! And we're having a film night on Wednesday 2nd March starting at 7.30pm.

Club T-Shirts 
We still have some MUMC T-shirts designed by Astrid available. T-shirts are available at the clubhouse for $20 and are a must have for the active MUMC member.

Last of All, Find and Like Us on Facebook!

and join 
Oxo club rooms for informal discussions and post.

Read on for The MUMC sports and their Seasons

We provide basic instruction in every activity and most people are more than willing to try and help you out. Don’t be put off by the big mouths of the ‘heavies’ – everyone was once in your position and the experience of most people began when they joined the club. By the same token we’re not going to hold your hand – to get the most out of the Mountaineering Club you will have to have to show a fair bit of initiative. It’s your responsibility to make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for, that you’re fit enough for the particular trip; what you’re setting off on; and that you’ve got all the gear you’re going to need.

Have read over the activities you are interested to become involved with. Note: To attend a trip you will need join us at the Tuesday Night Meetings . We have trips from all sports occurring throughout the year though participation and the seasons will also determine when we are most active.

Perhaps the most accessible sport within the club with trips occurring all year round. The club has all the gear for a weekend away, from raincoats to tents and sleeping bags etc... Day trips are great to get you started, before moving onto overnight bushwalks. There are plenty of great walks all around Melbourne and the high country. For the adventurous, keep an eye out for of the bigger trips throughout the year such as Little River Gorge or those heading to Tassie.

Walking Sports Officer: Evie Clarke - 

While the paddling season is mostly during the spring when snow melts, keep an eye out for trips throughout the year. Beginner trips to the upper Yarra and Port Melbourne surf trips are happening this week.

Paddling Sports Officer: Jack McCutchan - 

A great way to start out is to join us during the week at the climbing gyms.

Wednesday and Friday this week- Hardrock City Gym (present your MUMC Membership card for a discounted entry).

For indoor climbing come along in your MUMC T-Shirt and you'll be able to find new members alike.

Rock Climbing is currently undergoing a safety review so unfortunately that means no outdoor trips for the moment, hopefully we will have climbing up and running in the near future.

Ropes Officer: Matt Dunwoodie - 

Are you adventurous? Do you like to explore the darkness and beyond? Caving is a unique sport that takes you underground to places are not commonly accessible to the general public. It can take you deep into the earth, only to reveal the most spectacular decorations from the hands of nature. However, to get there, you might have to learn abseil, climb, or even to squeeze through tiny holes. To get into the sport, you may begin with a simple cave system nearby, such as Labertouche. Then proceed to bigger cave systems in the Snowy or the Blue Mountains, where you can explore for more than a week at once.

Ropes Officer: Matt Dunwoodie - 

It’s adventurous bushwalking, in wetsuits, abseiling through waterfalls - making summer the best time of year while the temperatures are still warm. You’ll need a good week off to make the most of this sport with Canyon country found up around Sydney and the Blue Mountains of NSW. With a long way to travel, learning the rope work back here in Melbourne will have you set. Rock climbing will help to do this.

Ropes Officer: Matt Dunwoodie - 

Cross Country Skiing 
Once the snow falls, the ski season takes off. With destinations close to Melbourne, day trips are a way to begin before heading out for overnight trips. We generally avoid the big resort runs but head out the back for the fresh and untouched snow. Snow camping around the back country huts and carving lines down the hidden slopes. Even if it's your first season come out and join us.

Snow Sports Offcier: Luke Frisken - 

Whether you have the competitive streak behind you or you are out for a bit of fun, rogaines are a great way to improve your navigation skills in a race across the bush. With an event every month there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in this one. Each event has an allocated time limit ranging from 6, 8, 12 and 24 hrs in duration for which competitors can score check points in. If you are up for a real challenge take on the 24 hr Rogaine going all night with distances of 115km covered not out of the question. Lastly the club offers a $10 subsidy to the entrance fee for all members who take part. Just bring in your map and score sheet on a Tuesday night.

Walking Sports Officer: Evie Clarke - 

Bush Search and Rescue (BSAR) 
An accumulation of experience is required for this one with a solid background to the outdoors essential. Navigation is a key skill although two or three Rogaines will teach you this and throughout the year BSAR training trips will help prepare you. Once you are ready, you will need to put forward a nomination to the Committee as the club will need to vouch for you to become a part of BSAR. For those who are familiar with snow camping and skiing, winter searches are not uncommon too.

BSAR Delegate: Ryan Judd - 

We join a variety of organisations and volunteers in a kaleidoscope of activities: planting trees, clearing tracks, checking nestboxes, listening to birds and frogs, camping in the snow and more. Add campfires, energetic bush dances, night-time wildlife spotting and a great atmosphere, swapping stories about adventures with the variety of people you meet - all that makes for a fantastic friendly atmosphere. Activities take place all over Victoria, and many members have taken part in 'adventure conservation' in the Tasmanian wilderness as well.

Conservation Offcer: Sally Stead - 

Interested in Mountaineering? MUMC is quite well set up with its sports offering a cross section of skills to help prepare you for it. The best approach is to go on as many different club trips as you can. With the real mountains over in New Zealand, trips generally occur during the summer mountaineering season (December - February). Those who are up to it will need to start out with a professional mountaineering course.

Mountaineering Officer: Julian Goad - 

Mid-Semester Break 
A whole week off is the perfect opportunity to reach out beyond Melbourne and Victoria. Extended trips will be heading away perhaps to Tassie, the Flinders Ranges in SA or the Blue Mountains in NSW. See how many trips you can go in the weeks leading up to Easter.

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