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Tue 12 May 2015 8:30pm - 10:00pm

Posted by Luke F on Mon, 4 May 2015
Leaders: Luke F
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 12 May 2015, 7:00 pm

Ever wondered how to tie a clove hitch for climbing? What is a prusik and how do I use it? How do you join two pieces of rope together? Oh my, that alpine butterfly is so pretty, can I make one too? What is a good way to cut and seal a rope?

For answers to these questions and more, come along to Knots Night after the Tuesday night club meeting for a rollicking good time. Volunteers to help teach people would be fantastic! I'll bring my knots book and maybe we can learn a few new ones too.

I'm going to bring along some food to share, feel free to do the same, and we might do a dinner run if there's intetest.

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