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Fri 21 6:00pm - Sun 23 Aug 2015 9:00pm

Posted by Daniel A on Fri, 7 Aug 2015
Leaders: No leader
Standard: app/trips.standards.intermediate skier
Meeting: Tue, 18 Aug 2015, 7:00 pm

Requirements: Skied with a pack before, or be a really good skier so you will be able to ski with a pack.



The bluff is the highest westerly point connected to the Howitt Plateau near Mt Buller. A perfect place for some back country skiing with views of Buller, Stirling, Howitt and the Crosscut.

The plan is for someone else to lead this trip, drive up Friday night, camp near Mansfield drive up to the bluff for a weekend ski out to Mt Howitt, meet up with myself and whoever else is with me and ski back on Sunday. The trip requirements depends upon who is leading this part of the trip, but will likely be intermediate skiers. Let me know if you can lead this part of the trip.

If you have more time than the weekend and a decent skiier then come and talk to me as I'm planning on crossing the mountains from the south near Licola to the north. This trip will leave Wednesday night (19/8) and meet up with the Bluff trip to camp together on Saturday night, driving out Sunday. As we need to be dropped off at Licola, and the length of the days skiing the numbers are highly limited for this part of the trip.

Note: Obviously trip subject to snow conditions

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