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Thu 29 Sep - Sun 2 Oct 2016

Posted by Adele W on Tue, 20 Sep 2016
Leaders: Gina S, Adele W
Standard: Advanced
Meeting: Tue, 20 Sep 2016, 12:00 am

Cancelled due to storm weather warning.

Hey guys! 

We are some OXO's planning on one last skiing trip for the season. We'll be heading up to Kosciuszko national park for the long weekend, leaving wednesday(28th of september) night and being back sunday or monday. The plan is doing some backcountry skiing around the Mt Twynam/Kosciouszko area depending on snow conditions and wishes. The trip depends on upcoming weather and snowconditions! At the moment snow and weather look good in this area, it is high altitude which keeps it fairly cold, but weather changes quickly.

It will be an advanced trip. You need to have snowcamped before, we will be in a remote area where there are no ski-patrol. You also need to be a experienced skier and preferably have done some backcountry skiing. 

I've set the meeting date for tuesday 20th of september since I will not be present next meeting. It is a last minute post, so I know many might not have seen this before the meeting. If you are still keen on coming, fear not, just contact me and we will find time to meet before the trip if necessary. 

So, ff you are keen on some amazing skiing(of course you are), come have a chat with Gina or me at the tuesday meeting or send me a message/email! 

/Adele Westgård

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