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Fri 4 5:00pm - Sat 5 Nov 2016 8:00pm

Posted by David P on Fri, 4 Nov 2016
Leaders: David P
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: No meeting

Hi gang,

This trip was organised on 1 November at the trip meeting  Attendees Platzer, Lingshu Liu and Richard Bassett-Smith.

Meeting clubrooms Friday 4/11 1700hrs, driving up and camping at King River campground at takeout below the dam, and cutting a couple of laps on Saturday before driving back to Melbourne by early evening  



EDIT: 4/11/16

We are actually doing the MacAlister River: Barkly to Licola as a day trip on Saturday 5th November. Platzer's leaving on Friday night, while the rest catch up on Saturday morning. Planning to meet at 9am in Licola. ETA to take out is 4pm. Return to Melbourne late Saturday night. We have PLB #3.

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