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Sat 4 Mar 2017

Posted by Natalie C on Wed, 18 Jan 2017
Leaders: Natalie C


I have a grand plan to modify the caving problem so that it has a dual purpose…caving problem/bench seats. These bench seats will replace the couches that are currently in the meeting room (thus making even more space).

Don’t worry, we won’t be destroying the caving problem. We will still be able to push together the smaller sections so it can be used at O week and whatever other event we need it for.


The caving problem has now been cut up, so its just the cushions that need to be sewed. If you have experience cutting fabric, or sewing, you are most welcome. If you have no experience with cutting fabric, I wont let you do that, but you can certainly have a go at sewing on the machines. Also need people that can measure, pin, and probably the hardest job will be putting the covers on the cushion inners (legitimately I think this is going to be difficult). Will also need some muscle power to help move the benches and couches around.

Come by and hang out, even if you have other work to do and wont actually be helping with this job. The more the merrier. The weather is good on sat night, so we could set up the laneway cinema if we choose to.

Show up anytime from 10 am.


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