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Sat 26 7:00pm - Sun 27 Aug 2017

Posted by Luke F on Mon, 20 Mar 2017
Leaders: Adele W
Standard: Advanced
Meeting: Tue, 27 Jun 2017, 7:30 pm

Please Note:

  • Trip postponed to the 29th of June because of poor snow cover outlook by the end of the week, there might be snow this weekend, but it would be very patchy. Please perform a dance for the snow gods!
  • I'd like to head out on Thursday night, but if you're really keen and can't make it for a Friday day, we could perhaps plan to start the hike up on Friday night and camp at Michelle Hut on Friday.
  • Dates for this trip are preliminary, all depends on when the snow comes and what the weather is doing.
  • There may be some spots for intermediate skiers, but will depend on leader numbers, the weather, and our exact intentions.
  • I've opened the sign-ups early to gauge interest, so don't let large numbers put you off signing up if you'd like to come because there's a good chance many people will pull out or won't show up (grrr).

Mt Bogong is a great mountain. There is a very nice hut on Mt Bogong called Cleve Col Hut, I've not managed to get to this hut in winter and would like to do so this year. This involves climbing up one of the spurs, which can be icy, and steep. There are many lines to ski in the area with a wide range of difficulties, as the top of Mt Bogong is smooth, open and grassy, dropping away to some steeper, rocky sides.

The conditions on Mt Bogong can also be intense, with winds to blow you over and snow that turns to bumpy ice. If the snowfall is unusually good, there's also a danger for avalanches (we may choose to go elsewhere if this is the case). For this reason, if you'd like to come, we need to be sure you can take care of yourself to some extent, as the leaders only have limited capacity.

Looking for participants who:

  • Are confident that you can ski carefully over moderately steep (think blue getting on to black run at resort ) with crappy/icy snow
  • Know when to stop before you hurt yourself
  • Understand the importance of sticking together with the group especially in poor visibility

And preferably (but not necessarily):

  • Have skiied with a hiking backpack (with tent, stove etc).
  • Have been snow camping before

Have a chat to me on a Tuesday night if you're not sure whether you meet the skills required to come on the trip.

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