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Mon 6 Mar - Wed 31 May 2017 12:00am

Posted by Anna D on Fri, 12 May 2017
Leaders: Rodney P (unconfirmed), Anna D
Standard: Everyone welcome
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Adventure Grant Policy:

MUMC has a proud tradition of engaging in adventure and discovery. Historically the club has made first ascents, established novel outdoor events and sports, and contributed significantly to outdoor communities and development. This pioneering spirit undoubtedly contributes to the club’s strength, longevity and appeal.

The committee has an ambition to ensure that the club continues to aspire to adventurous objectives including those, which may require greater experience/expertise and cost than is present in the membership at any given time. The adventure grant was created to respond to this ambition. The purpose of the grant is to encourage an MUMC community that thrives on adventure and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for its membership.

Aims of the Grant

  • To extend the level of trips undertaken by members
  • To advance the skills and experience of members
  • To inspire existing members
  • To increase the exposure and profile of MUMC within the outdoors community
  • To promote leadership and teamwork 

The Award

Up to $2000 can be awarded. This can be to one applicant or split between multiple applicants. The committee and selection panel reserve the right not to award the grant if they feel no suitable application has been made.

Use of Grant

The funds are to be used within 15 months of receiving the award. Should the expedition be cancelled before it starts the funding is to be returned to MUMC. Should the planning of the expedition be significantly changed then re-approval of funds is required from the sub-committee or committee. The funds are to be used at the discretion of the successful applicants.

Selection Criteria

  • Is the proposal credible given the skills and preparation of applicants
  • How will the proposal:
    • Capture a sense of adventure and discovery
    • Increase the exposure of MUMC to the outdoors community
    • Extend current MUMC activity in the relevant sports
    • Build on the skills of club members
    • Increase the frequency and complexity of trips
    • Improve leadership and teamwork within the club
  • What is the environmental impact of the adventure?
  • What is the quality of the application?
  • Is there an MUMC historical context?

Members Obligations

Upon completion of the expedition, grant recipients must supply MUMC at a minimum:

  1. Documentation of the trip for promotional purposes (photos, video footage etc. and associated publishing rights). NB: recipients must make all reasonable endeavour to display the Melbourne University and/orMUMC logo in published/distributed items.
  2. An article for The Mountaineer recording their adventure and appropriate accompanying media where available.
  3. A public presentation to club members on their adventure at a time mutually agreed between the recipients and MUMC.
  4. The applications will be made available to the membership and kept in the MUMC records for future use.


Complete the following questions to guide your application. Refer to the goals of the grant, the selection criteria and the selection matrix to ensure relevant details are covered. The appointed selection panel will consider the application during May and make a recommendation to the committee. Attending the meeting in person to answer questions about the proposal is highly recommended.

Description of the adventure

Describe the location, terrain, weather, proposed activities, anything relevant for an overview of the adventure.

Proposed dates and itinerary

A short overview of proposed timeline for completing the adventure.

Biography of team members

A little about yourselves, how long have you been in MUMC and how have you been involved? What is your experience and skills, how will this adventure improve your experience and skills?

Benefits to MUMC

Explain how you’ll be able to give back to MUMC through undertaking this trip (eg, training trips which other members can attend, skills and experience to share).

Alignment of the proposal with the goals of MUMC and the adventure grant

How does the trip:

  • Extend the level of trips undertaken by members
  • Advance the skills and experience of members
  • Inspire existing members
  • Increase the exposure and profile of MUMC within the outdoors community
  • Promote leadership and teamwork 

Is there any relevant MUMC historical context for the proposal

E.g. New exploration, retracing a first ascent.

Credibility of the proposal

Is the trip likely to be a success, if not why, what might be the benefits and risks of attempting the trip.

Trip budget and proposed use of grant money

An overview of expected expenses, how the grant will be used and if the grant does not cover the entire cost how the remaining funds will be sourced.

Selection Matrix

The descriptors are a guide to assess the application against the selection criteria. They are not exhaustive questions and the selection panel may need to consider other aspects of the selection criteria.

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