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Sat 1 - Sun 2 Jul 2017

Posted by Rodney P on Mon, 15 May 2017
Leaders: Rodney P
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 27 Jun 2017, 7:30 pm

This is a start of season trip where you can learn how to ski, or remember how to turn.  It might be postponed until there is snow at Mt Stirling, or moved to a place with snow.

The plan is to ski downhill at Mt Buller on Saturday.  This is a resort with lifts, where you can get lessons and lots of practice.  It will cost about $200 in lift passes and other charges.

On Sunday, we will move to Mt Stirling and go for a ski tour in the bush.  If you can't ski well enough to do that—not everyone will be able to, with just one day on skis—you can do it on snow shoes instead.

If there are enough 4-season tents available, we'll camp on the snow at Mt Stirling.  Camping on snow feels quite adventurous the first time you do it; unless you are comfortable doing an overnight bushwalk in the rain, this could be more suffering than fun.  You're welcome to come anyway.

Comment below if you have any questions.

You will need to own suitable clothing for the snow.  See the skiing participant guidelines  for details.  You can hire skis and snow camping equipment from the club.

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