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Fri 11 6:00pm - Sun 13 Aug 2017 6:00pm

Posted by Daniel A on Mon, 7 Aug 2017
Leaders: Daniel A, Danielle A
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 8 Aug 2017, 7:00 pm

Finally with a good snow fall. We would like to go skiing at The Bluff. The Bluff is a mountainous outcrop attached to the Howitt Plateau near Mansfield. It's quite a drive in and would be best/safest done in an all or four wheel drive, so a trip number of 8 is hoping someone else has one to drive.

Plan will likely be drive up Friday, camp near Mansfield and drive the dirt section in the morning. Depending upon snow level there is likely to be a short hike to the snow along a 4x4 track.

Then ski from Bluff saddle up to The Bluff, find a suitable spot to camp and return on Sunday. It's easy to moderate terrain with a few trees around.

Some skiing ability required, snow camping experience good but not essential.

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