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Fri 25 - Sun 27 Aug 2017

Posted by Adele W on Thu, 17 Aug 2017
Leaders: Adele W
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 22 Aug 2017, 7:30 pm


I'm running a beginner weekend ski-tour. You have to have been on an overnight trip/camped out in the bush before, but no/limited ski experience is required.

Plan is not set yet, that depends on snow-conditions and weather, but I've listed three options below, both should be plenty of fun. We can decide at the tuesday meeting.  

Option 1: Derricks hut, Hotham. 

We will drive up friday night and camp on the way, I was thinking to camp at the campsite in Smoko, but location might change. Saturday morning we get up early and drive up to Hotham heights where we park the cars (we have to pay resort entry, not lift passes). We'll ski in to Derricks hut via the alpine waking track. Depending on how we go, we might have time for some playing around on the slopes there. Sunday we ski back out, maybe via Spargo's hut, and should have plenty of time for some playing around on the slopes on our way down. 

Option 2: Some hut, Falls creek. 

We drive up friday night and camp along the way. Saturday morning we get up early and drive to falls creek. We'll have to pay resort entry here too, no lift passes. We use the nicely groomed cross country skitrails and ski to ... hut where we camp out for the night. Sunday morning we ski back out, hopefully with plenty of time to play on the slopes and practice. 

Option 3: Kings Spur hut, Mt Stirling. 

This one is closer to Melbourne, meaning there will be more time for skiing! 

Drive up friday night and camp at the bottom of the mountain. Saturday morning we drive up the mountain (also have to pay resort entry), ski around telegraph junction to practice for a bit, then ski in to kings spur hut where we camp for the night. Sunday we ski up from kings spur.

Decision depends on weather, snow conditions and level of the group. So this is mainly a place holder for a beginner friendly trip for now. More exact plans will be updated. Sign up if you're keen, but there number of spots are limited to 2-3 car loads depending on interest. 


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