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Tue 10 Oct 2017 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Posted by Rodney P on Tue, 26 Sep 2017
Leaders: Rodney P
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: No meeting

Learn the Basics is going to be a series of lessons for MUMC members who are new to the outdoors.  You will get more out of them if you have been on a beginner trip first.  The plan is to run about 6 lessons in first semester next year, with topics such as driving to trips, basic emergency response, and bushwalking navigation.  Comment below if there is something you'd like to learn.  (Or that you'd like other members to learn ;-)

There is time to run a couple of these before exams, and see how it goes.

The shelter lesson will be about staying warm, dry, hydrated, and generally alive.  We'll play with different types of equipment, and think about how, when and why to use them.  We'll also talk about more serious weather and terrain, that you hopefully won't have encountered yet, and that you'll want to be prepared for when you do.

This is only a 1 hour lesson, so the goal is for you to know what you need to learn, and where to go to learn it.

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