Sat 20 6:00am - Sun 21 Jan 2018

Posted by Channa Dias P on Thu, 11 Jan 2018
Leaders: Alex H, Alexander D
Trip standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 16 Jan 2018, 7:30 pm


That's basically the trip route!

Basically the plan is to head up early Saturday morning and do the short leg up to Blairs hut during the day. Then wake up early and finish off the hike during the day. Considering it's summer, we have lots of daylight so we'll have quite the few hours to do the rest, which means we can take our time, as long as we wake up early enough.

So basically, that's why I'm opening this up to beginners, since being slow is not exactly a safety hazard. If you're up for the challenge, come along! 

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