Leadership weekend

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Sat 24 - Sun 25 Feb 2018

Posted by Caitlyn C on Mon, 5 Feb 2018
Leaders: Caitlyn C
Trip standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 20 Feb 2018, 7:30 pm

Are you a leader? Have you missed hanging out with your friends who were all on break over the holidays?

Do you want to be a leader? Would you like to run trips this year? Are you just curious as to how the leadership roles work in the club?

Come along to the 2018 leadership weekend, where we will learn some stuff about how to be a leader, and then put it into action! 
It's a good opportunity to catch up with friends before having to herd cats at intro trip! 

Location TBC, depending on interest. I'm thinking somewhere near the Great Ocean Walk, on a beach, so we can swim after the leadership activities, as well as do the outdoorsy activity of your choice on the Sunday. 

Most likely will include breakfasts and dinner. 

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