Rock Climbing

Tue 10 Apr 2018 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Posted by Anthony C on Tue, 3 Apr 2018
Leaders: Anthony C
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: No meeting

Outdoor rock climbing requires a few technical skills that won't be taught in gyms; this session is intended as a refresher for people who may be in need of practice, and for people with a bit of outdoor experience looking to pick up some techniques and rescue skills before we get the progression process up and running properly.

To be held at the MUMC bouldering wall.

Given the interest level, I'm going to ask that everyone makes sure they have the appropriate skills for the planned session. Expected knowledge/skills for this session includes:
  • Some outdoor roped climbing experience
  • Be able to put on a harness without supervision
  • Be able to set up a belay device & rope to belay from their harness without supervision
  • Tie the following knots (see here for helpful guides) with minimal prompting
    • Rethreaded figure eight onto harness
    • Figure eight on a bight
    • Clove hitch
    • Munter hitch
    • Butterfly / Alpine Butterfly
    • One of Prussik knot / french prussik / Autoblock / Klemheist (see here for helpful guide)
Please practice any of these that you need to brush up on before the session, as they will be assumed knowledge. If you wish to bring your own harness please do so, we'll use club gear for the rest.

If there's any questions, or anything in particular that you want to cover, please let me know.

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