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Fri 4 10:00am - Sun 6 Sep 2015 11:00pm

Posted by Mitchell S on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
Leaders: Mitchell S
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Advanced independent trip.

Plan still to be finalised, but I envisage something along the lines of this:

- Drive up to the base of the mountain Friday night and camp.

- Get up early Sat morning and hike up, setting up camp at Fed hut or Cleve Col hut (depending upon mountain choice, weather etc)

- Skin up and ski down lines for the rest of the day.

- Sunday morning pack up, get a few lines in, hike back down and drive home.


- go Thursday night to get an extra day of skiing in

- go to Mt Hotham resort and instead make our way out to Mt Loch area. (cost $ but less vertical climbing needed)

- explore peaks from Falls Creek resort

- your ideas?

Specialist gear:

I will be on AT skis with skins. You will need a similar setup or be rather good downhill on telemark skis.

Previous experience:

- Snow camping in marginal weather

- Skiing outside resort boundaries and the risks, limitations and expectations that go with this.

What do you think?

If you are interested or have any questions send me an email or message.


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