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Sat 17 8:00am - Mon 19 Sep 2016 5:00pm

Posted by Jack M on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
Leaders: Jack M, Anja F
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: No meeting

The spots for the training fund have been filled. We have currently 10 members from MUMC (funded and self-paying) going on the September course >> http://www.river-god.com/id/sept-oct-2016-mitta-march.pdf

If you would like to attend an SSI course, then please get in touch with the organisation to sort out payment etc.

The group has already had a theory session to prepare for the course. Some throwbag sessions will be held over the next couple of weeks anyone is free to join. In terms of the theory, please use the book in the clubroosm (the new one) to familiarise yourself with hydraulics, knots, basic rescue techniques etc. Please leave the book in the library for all participants of the trip to have access to it and don't take it home! The internet is your friend! 

Get in touch with me (Anja) if you have further questions.


We've secured 7 spots on the three day swiftwater rescue course run on the Mitta Mitta river run by Jeffe Aronson of SSI. The course will run from Saturday to Monday. This is a very highly regarded course, covering a lot of skills tailored onto our needs and should be a heap of fun.

Cost is $450, which will be subsidised 50% by Melbourne Uni Sport and 25% by MUMC, leaving participants to pay $112.50. This high level of subsidy is available because it has been recognised that we currently lack a stable base of experienced leadership in paddling. To take advantage of the subsidy, all participants agree to be active as role models and leaders, as per their capability. This course will not make you a paddling leader, but it will be an invaluable experience to assist in taking the next step.

This is an intensive course, covering a lot of information and techniques, in theoretical and practical sessions. The most important thing to take into this course is that you will be in charge of your own learning, you're not being spoon fed. Come to the course prepared, so you can get the most out of what Jeffe is teaching. If you are hearing or doing things for the first time, you are much more likely to lose them by the time you need it on the river. I will do my best to run a theory session before I go overseas, maybe even a practical session if people are keen. If these two things don't happen before I go, you need to make sure they happen before the course. We have books, we have experienced members, we have the internet. If you aren't coming into the course prepared, you're wasting your money, the club and university's money, you're wasting a spot on the course that could have gone to someone else, but most importantly we aren't getting the safety benefit for the club.

As much as I would like to, I don't have enough money to send everyone on a course. That means that there are a lot of members involved in paddle sports who won't be able to do the course, and are relying on those who did to come back and share their experience. The group of seven will have agreed to running an internal river safety session for other members. Skills need to stay current and well-practiced to be of any use on the river, so these sessions are also very important to the course graduates. While I don't expect these internal sessions to cover all of the course content, there is a lot of really basic stuff that we would benefit from having a large number of members practicing and understanding. The group of seven graduates will benefit from working together to develop and implement the sessions.

These are the expectations for those taking the course. As serious as I am about these expectations, they don't need to be a burden. All I'm really asking is that those on the course keep having fun on the river and keep sharing what they know with other members. The subsidy on offer is generous, but deemed to be a good investment in the skills of members and the safety of paddling trips. It's a great course and will be very beneficial to individuals wanting to spend more time on the river.

I have all of the applications and everyone's availability. I'll be offering a spot to the seven people who Matt and I think are most suitable to take the course, irrespective of availability. If they decline, the spot will be offered to the next person on my list. To confirm your place I will likely need a deposit, I'll work this out in the next couple of days. Once you have accepted your place, if for whatever reason you can't do the course, you are responsible for paying the full course fee of $450, unless you can find a suitable replacement. If they meet our criteria, they are welcome to receive the 75% subsidy, otherwise they will need to pay the full amount. The course provider may be able to find replacements, but will likely have an associated cancellation fee.

My main priority now is to get the group organised and locked in before I head to Canada, then I'll hand over the reins to the group taking the course. Come to the meeting this Tuesday night (12th July) and we can hopefully get a lot of this done.

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