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Thu 21 Jun 2018 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Posted by Taner K on Mon, 18 Jun 2018
Leaders: Taner K

Been a long time since we got people together to talk about the website.

Coinciding with the Thursday social night to pop in and out as people feel like to have breaks with board games, bouldering and anything else that is going on! There may also be pizza!

Everyone welcome :) Plenty of things to do or think about that don't need any tech experience.

When and where? At the MUMC clubrooms, starting around 6pm

I'll be there until around 9.30pm, after which there are some important life and death matters which everyone should attend to (Australia/Denmark world cup game)

If you're extra keen to help out and provide input and/or can't make it on thursday, contact me on and I can add you to the trello board (an online collaborative project management and note taking tool)

If you're already on the trello group, here's the link to the board:

Things to think about include:


  • Payments for trips and gear hire, and fees associated with online payments
  • SMS alerts (for emergencies, to prevent no shows, ...)
  • Incident reporting and anonymous trip feedback
  • Leader status (broken down by activity) with audit trail
  • Trip report submission
  • Records of qualifications (swift water rescue, first aid, rope tech, etc) with  method of verification
  • Pie and slide galleries
  • Mobile apps (maybe a general MUMC one, or specific ones for gear inventory and gear hire)
  • Old data migration (so much in the archives, wiki style information, oxoworld newsletters from many years back, etc.)
  • ...


  • Connecting people involved in the tech side of other clubs and organisations, e.g. BSAR, other uni outdoors clubs, ...
  • How to improve the new member experience
  • How to get more people involved in the tech side
  • List of first-timers issues
  • More tech documentation

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