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Tue 31 Jul 2018 4:00pm - 7:30pm

Posted by Jak B on Mon, 23 Jul 2018
Leaders: Jak B

TLDR: A meet up for new/returning members, to understand how the club does stuff and how to get those dream trips you have off the ground.


New to the club or curious as to how things operate? Fantastic, this is the thing for you!

This is a meeting that begins at 4pm  Tuesdays (you may enter anytime and I will be happy to help, this is just a general ‘start’ time) and continues until the club meeting at 7pm and aims to teach you how the club operates, and how to get trips you want happen or just joining trips in general. The general gist of this is for you guys to meet up with people of similar skill level and passion to help you best organise yourselves for the kind of stuff the club does. I will also be hosting these things for the next couple of weeks for follow up questions and other things you guys need to make your transition into the club ahellofalot easier.

If you already have questions regarding the club or the activities we do, feel free to email me at (this will probably change to a more official looking email in the future) but please be advised I have the technical skills of Y2K believer so I may be a bit late to respond to your email (I am also travelling until the 29th so the response may come at a weird hour). That said, I will definitely have the answer to your question by Tuesday the 31st.

That said this email can also be used to send me anonymous questions as if you aren’t a fan of asking questions in a public setting (I am exactly the same). You can also leave a note in the anonymous questions box (located at the back of the clubrooms) and I will be either answering those questions at these meet ups or by email if you’d rather (please specify if you would prefer an email; note I will need some form of email/phone number to contact you)


Also, while it says beginner, older members are very much welcome as sharing your knowledge is always helpful but I will be focusing on those who haven’t been in the club before or are returning after an extended leave.

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