Fri 28 7:30am - Sun 30 Sep 2018 7:00pm

Posted by Alex H on Mon, 23 Jul 2018
Leaders: Alex H, Qi Qi C, Callum M, Hugh M, Jak B
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 25 Sep 2018, 7:00 pm

Be warned: The date of the trip has been changed to Friday the 28th to Sunday the 30th of September (Friday is a public holiday)as I can't find any approved leaders that are available over 22nd-24th.

another note: still gone to sign up, spaces are limited based on who does this survey first. Those who've already signed up: check your emails!! Survey link is:


This trip will run at the mid semester break for all you undergrads out there (note: it's open to all MUMC members, not just exclusively just for undergraduates, the dates just make it easier on us undergrads). I plan on hiking the Grampians Peaks Trail, which is really picturesque and a must do hike (it's on my bucket list of hikes). It's an 3 easy days, 2 nights. It's also pretty beginner friendly, so if you've never hiked or camped outside before it's a good start! I plan on doing it backwards, so we will be able to train home on the Monday.

If you are not a concession holder, don't worry about the cost. We'll run a car up for ya.

Info on the hike can be found here:


For any other info on the trip, email me on or come seek me out at the crooms :)

New info: The trip will now leave Friday Morning and we will take a train over to Grampians. It's more relaxing, more fuel efficient, possibly cheaper and just a lot easier to organise. The train will leave at Southern Cross station 8am and if you're not there by then then you'll be left behind (sorry but the trains only leave every 4 hours). This means we will start hiking around 12:30pm and can do the first leg of the hike. We will also take the train back, leaving gramps around 3pm and getting back to Southern Cross at 8:40pm.

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