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Thu 4 Aug 2016 7:00am

Posted by Alice N on Mon, 1 Aug 2016
Leaders: Robert S, Alice N
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 2 Aug 2016, 7:30 pm

This is a midweek day trip to the upper Yarra, from Warburton to lower homestead road.  I know you all love work and Uni, but surely you would prefer to leave Melbourne early Thursday morning and come kayaking with us! (Very early, sorry).

This trip is open to beginner kayakers, not first time paddlers. If you want to come, but you're not sure about your ability please come talk to me at the meeting. We are taking Rob's car and my own so the trip is limited to 8 people, including us.

This is the description of the section on adventure pro: This is the one section of the Yarra that you can see the bottom, the river is less of a river and more a stream, with no major features to speak off. The rapids tend to be short and this makes it a good place for introduction trips to white water. There are a couple of rapids that can be played in, but overall this is a river running trip. At around 1.5mt, is an excellent grade 2-3 paddle only 80km from Melbourne that is ideally suited to intermediate paddlers. The rapids have clean lines and there are some well formed play waves throughout the trip. It's also unique that you can surf waves behind Warburton town, stop for coffee and cake, then keep paddling to Millgrove.

Email me if you have any questions:

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