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Thu 11 Apr 2019

Posted by Channa Dias P on Tue, 19 Mar 2019
Leaders: Channa Dias P

Hi Ya'll,

So Macpac is interested in running an information session night, sometime in early-mid April! Right now they don't have an exact topic they would like to talk about, but have floated around the topics of Snow Hiking and/or Mountaineering.

They're interested in figuring out what outdoors club members would want to learn from that night, so if you have any other topics you'd be interested in hearing about, post in the comments below! Could even be based on a very specific trip you'd want to go on.

If yer interested in coming, sign up to this trip.

Also they will have discounts, of some variety, so if you need to buy some gear, maybe could find a good deal here.

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