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Tue 21 May 2019 7:30pm

Posted by Luke F on Wed, 17 Apr 2019
Leaders: Luke F
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: No meeting

Winter is approaching, so I thought, why not have an evening to discuss hypothermia and avalanches! 

Every year, it seems someone in MUMC experiences some level of hypothermia during a trip. Let's look at what causes hypothermia, how to recognise it, how to treat it and how to avoid it.

We do indeed have avalanches in Australia. It's surprising to many that we even have snow here! The vast majority of people recreating in the Australian high country need not worry about them, but those of us, part of a growing crowd venturing onto our country's steeper terrain, do need to pay careful attention to the risk of avalanches. If you're planning a trip to the snow overseas, it may be of even greater concern. 

Everyone is welcome, beginners, members and non-members alike!

We will be starting after the regular Tuesday night club meeting.

This isn't a professional course, it's just a few of us passing on what we have learned during our own course attendances and personal learning. We really recommend anyone who finds this evening useful/interesting to go on and do a first aid course and/or an AST avalanche course. 

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