Rock Climbing

Fri 11 - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Posted by Natalie U on Thu, 9 May 2019
Leaders: Natalie U, Jack M, Richard B (unconfirmed)
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 1 Oct 2019, 7:00 pm

Are you enthusiastic about climbing, riddles and ciphers? Save a weekend at the beginning of October 2019 (likely the Friday to Sunday 4th- 6th or possibly 11th - 13th) for Arapiles treasure hunt! You will need to be at least a seconder ticked off within the club hierarchy system in order to attend. You may still express your interest even if you are currently not a seconder but aspiring to become one beforehand: I am posting this announcement in advance so that you have enough time to qualify yourself. The process of approving your official climbing level has become easier, talk to Jack McCutchan for more details. Also, more trad climbing trips will be coming up in spring, keep an eye on the website.

The ultimate goal: discover the location and retrieve The Golden Nut that will be hidden somewhere in Mount Arapiles before the other teams do (if they do…).

Game outline: Upon arrival at Arapiles on Friday night, each team receives their first clues for their initial climbs on Saturday. Each subsequent climb provides unique pieces of code you need to collect. You will have time on Saturday evening to crack the (hopefully) full code, note that only the right algorithm provides directions to the golden nut location to be climbed on Sunday. You might find useful to brush up on your knowledge of Arapiles history, geology, fauna and flora, internet might not be allowed (to be confirmed).

Please, indicate your interest, planning of the game depends heavily on the number of people signed up and their qualification level. Teams of likely 2-3 people will be formed (or possibly car crews), making sure that each team has a lead climber and a seconder.

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