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Sat 22 8:00am - Sun 23 Feb 2020 5:00pm

Posted by Maggie D on Mon, 18 Nov 2019
Leaders: Maggie D, Richard B, Alex H
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 18 Feb 2020, 7:00 pm

This leadership weekend is targeted at boosting confidence and participants some more experience managing people in the outdoors. Everyone completing this trip will undertake First aid in a remote location at a later date and complete a hike which they will plan on the leadership weekend with a shadow leader.


0800 Arrive at clubrooms. Go through why you should get everyone to meet at the clubrooms and how to lead the “driving” portion of a trip (rest stops, talking to other drivers). Leave crooms

0830 Leave for Cathedral Ranges

1100 Arrive Cathedrals, set up camp

1130 Icebreaker leadership games: Plane crash

1145 “What do you think leadership is” discussion and presentation

1210 Lunch. During lunch, discuss leadership styles and the scenarios that would dictate each style.

1230 Icebreaker games: All aboard (democratic), human knot (democratic), lego build race (possibly autocratic)

1300 discuss how hike will happen (groups go on which trail with which designated qualified leader and who will lead which section of the hike). Mention risk of not getting back before dark and to bring torches.

1330 Hike. On the hike discuss some minor situations with group (minor injury, slow hiker, getting respect)

1900 Everybody should be back from hiking. Go over what to do when you arrive at a campground on a hike. Have dinner, socialise. Go over what issues leaders came across on the hike and how they dealt with them.


0900 Everybody up, eaten, packed up camp and prepared to learn (had breakfast etc.)

From here we will split people into groups and run them through different “activity stations”.  

How to plan and organise for a trip. This includes route planning considering time, water availability, weather, hazards and route exits as well as possible adaptations; the trip page, home base, trip meetings, trip email. Practice making their own trip

Risk assessment/risk mitigation (communal equipment, checking participant skill level) and first aid situational training (autocratic leadership, get specific people to do things, have the resources and preparation to handle the situation.) Go through first aid scenario practice 

1130 Lunch and navigation skills workshop and rogaine

Navigational skills - compass, contour reading, triangulation. Practice triangulation activity. End with a rogaine: 8 markers set apart

1430 debrief and head home. Hand out guideline booklets

1700 arrive back in Melbourne


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