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Sat 27 - Sun 28 Jun 2020

Posted by Laura d on Wed, 4 Dec 2019
Leaders: Laura d, Charles E
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: No meeting

Charlie and I have been talking about an intro to splitboarding trip at the beginning of the next snow season. Splitboarding is a way to take your snowboard into the back country and explore non-groomed terrain.

Currently MUMC doesn't have any splitboards and ROC only has a couple so we would have to figure something out. You need to be a competent snowboarder (easy down blue runs) to be able to join this trip. Trip is of course also completely dependent on the snow conditions, and with summer approaching it's hard to guess what winter will bring. Currently thinking about the end of June, but  that can absolutely change.

We are stoked for some snow!

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