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Sat 14 - Sun 15 Dec 2019

Posted by Oliver V on Mon, 9 Dec 2019
Leaders: Oliver V, Sarah M, Ruby A
Meeting: Tue, 10 Dec 2019, 12:00 am

The MUMC Christmas Party is here! Open to all members this will be a fun night of games, food and drinks! 

This year the trip will take place on a farm property at 20 Bourchiers Road, Kangaroo Ground. We have permission to camp the night on the property and will be bringing lots of tents and sleeping gear. There will be a treasure hunt, BBQ, capture the flag and pancakes in the morning.


Will be have the MUMC BBQ set up there so bring a plate! Some BBQ meats or vegetable skewers are a good choice, or a potato salad. Post on the facebook event what you plan on bringing to help other organise. Drinks are BYO.


The farm is a a 40 minute trip by car from the CBD or about an hour by public transport. For the Public Transport option you can catch the Hurstbridge line to Wattle Glen Station and then you can rideshare to the farm property (in a full car it will be about $5-7 each). Alternatively it's likely that we'll have lots of people there with cars that can do shuttle runs to and from the station. 

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