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Tue 4 Feb 2020 7:30pm

Posted by Dáire K on Wed, 22 Jan 2020
Leaders: Dáire K, Rodney P
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: No meeting

This is the theory session for the Intro to Trad climbing course. Attendance at this session is mandatory for those who will be going on the weekend practical days (8-9 of Feb). Anyone interested in climbing or getting into the ropes framework are welcome to attend.

The theory session will run for two hours, and will cover:

  • The difference between Safety Skills​ and ​Techniques and Strength training
  • The importance of on-the-rock experience during the learning phase
  • The importance of first-aid awareness and formal training.
  • Some definitions of common terms used in rock-climbing.
  • Each piece of the safety system that rock-climbing relies on and how they all work together.
  • Safe methods of abseiling without a dedicated guide. 
  • Learning and practising essential knots for use in rope sports.  
  • An Introduction to Route-finding using guide-books. 
  • Environmental awareness for climbers in the outdoors, including the  particulars of Australia’s wilderness environment. 
  • The MUMC code of conduct for members when on climbing trips in the  outdoors. 
  • Outline the two outdoor sessions and what will be covered on them.

Assessment criteria, lesson plans, and participant guidelines can be found here:

I encourage everyone to have a read through these documents prior to coming to the theory sessions so that you have an idea of what more to expect.

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