2020 Clubs Day Stall

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Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:00am - 5:00pm

Posted by Alex H on Tue, 11 Feb 2020
Leaders: Alex H, Evie F
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 25 Feb 2020, 7:00 pm

Each year, the club runs a stall on campus in O-week. This is the main way that students find out about MUMC, and where a lot of our new members join the club. It's a great opportunity to make friends within the club, and, if you're thinking of joining the committee for the next year, this is a great opportunity to get a real feel for the club!

Please save the date, come along for an hour or two, and make friends with prospective members. The stall opens at 11am and closes at 3pm. If you don't wish to help out, pop by anyway and say hi to us 

Please 'sign up' if you are interested in attending as a volunteer this year, for any amount of time (even an hour of help is a great help!). Any volunteers on the day will receive a free MUMC T-shirt to wear on the day and forever thereafter (or $15 off other MUMC merch like a hoodie).

Main roles will be:

    - Helping set up and pack up (8-11am set up, 3-4pm pack up)

    - Helping people sign up through our online system (talking them through how to do so via the website)

    - General 'rover': walking around talking to people in line, keeping their interest in the club up and explaining our various activities, trips page, and generally how we work. This job is actually super important and is what sets us apart from the other clubs. You don't have to be a super experienced member to do this, any keen bean can give it a go. Show your excitement for the club.

    - Running administrations (giving out club cards and handling cash)

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