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Mon 19 Apr 2021 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Posted by Anita T on Mon, 5 Apr 2021
Leaders: Anita T
Standard: Everyone welcome
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Hi everyone,

In order to help people learn about how to minimise risks while on kayaking trips, and to cover the theory required for the next group of leaders, Michael Clark (RMIT outdoors club) will be running a theory night on kayaking, starting from about 6:30pm. 

Please note that this will be exclusively theory. It will be held online, and the link will be sent out closer to the date. If you want to learn about the practical usage of these skills then let me know, as we hope to be able to organise some pool sessions to go through practical applications at a later date.

The main topics that will be covered are:

  • kayaking equipment - types and correct usage
  • teaching capsize drills
  • teaching basic paddle strokes
  • simple rescue/recovery techniques

Come along, bring a friend. This evening is open to people from any of the uni clubs that do kayaking. While this is primarily intended for paddling leaders, the theory covered will be useful for anyone interested in getting into kayaking. 

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