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Sat 5 - Mon 7 Mar 2022

Posted by Anita T on Tue, 26 Oct 2021
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Interested in a remote area first aid qualification? Then read on!

While a basic first aid qualification is essential to become an activity leader, a remote first aid course will give you that extra edge to know what to do in more remote and less ideal settings, which is perfect for anyone wanting to lead on more serious outdoor adventures (or even just useful when participating!).   

This is an informal expression of interest to obtain this qualification in January/February 2022. RMIT outdoors club is looking to send a few of their members on a course and has opened up 4-6 spots for MUMC members to potentially join - if there is enough interest between the two clubs, we might see if we can book out a weekend for our members.

Course cost: Approx $450. You are welcome to submit a training grant application for partial funding prior to the November committee meeting (date to be announced).

More on the course being considered here:

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