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Fri 8 Apr 2022 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Posted by Maya H on Wed, 16 Feb 2022
Leaders: Maya H
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Hiyo fellas!

Local legend Anna the Urban Nanna is gonna coma and share her urban foraging wisdom with us! Foraging is a great way to sustainably source food and interact with our environment. It's not quite as intense as dumpster diving, but it does give you free, fresh and local food! With conservation, we're all for lowering food miles and farming impacts, and foraging does that - plus it's exciting! In this talk, we'll learn about the how, when, where and what of urban foraging - with a particular focus on the types of edible weeds and fruits we can find close by to uni. We'll cover things like...

- Discussion of the ethics, protocols and practicalities of foraging

- Discussing the types of plants most commonly found in rural areas around Victoria

- highlighting the types of foods possibly found near campus

- showcasing examples of branches/plants to look out for, and discussing useful identifying features

- an included list of common foragable species, provided in digital format -  emailed through to participants before the session

- a followup list of references and resources for those wishing to get more involved and learn more.

I've attended an Urban Nanna workshop before and absolutely loved it! I'm keen for you guys to learn some local wisdom too! :))



1888 Lawn South (lawn between Stop 1 and the Graduate School)

Bring cushions or a rug!

Because numbers are limited, I'll send out an email to confirm your availability the week prior to the event. If you end up being busy, I'll contact people on the waitlist! :))

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