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Fri 18 5:00pm - Sun 20 Mar 2022 5:00pm

Posted by Harrison L on Fri, 25 Feb 2022
Leaders: Bernhard A, Alex B, Dáire K, Anton J, Darcey D, Robert S, Caitlin M, Harrison L, Molly F, Tuna N, Amy B, Lingshu L
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 15 Mar 2022, 7:00 pm

Signups for this trip will open soon. We will be sending out an email when signups open so make sure you have email notifications on and keep an eye on our facebook pages.

What is Intro Trip?

Intro Trip is the largest trip of the year, and is designed for you, the newbie, to get an idea of what MUMC does, make some friends and have fun! Intro trip is open to all students wanting to venture into the outdoors - undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

Places are limited; this trip will accept approximately 50 'first timers'.

What is going to happen?

On Friday night, we will all carpool up to the Cathedral Ranges ('Nanadhong' on Taungurung Country), set up camp and wait for the latecomers to arrive.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, we'll split off into our groups based on your preference of activities.

What activities?

You'll have the choice of 3 activities from the following: rock climbing, rafting, bushwalking and kayak touring.

After lunch, we'll swap activities, and when they're finished for the day, we'll all return to camp, have a delicious barbecue, and spend the night chatting around the fire!

Sunday morning gives you the chance to try one last activity, before we pack up camp and head home.

Costs and logistics

Intro trip will cost around $150,  and covers two breakfasts and Saturday lunch and dinner, gear rental, the campsite fee, petrol and car maintenance for the drivers, and all other bits and bobs that you need to have a nice camp. This price is comparable to, and even cheaper, than prices of commercial adventure companies around Melbourne, which offer similar experiences, but only of one activity and only for a day.

What else will you need?

If you don't have a tent or a sleeping bag, you'll be able to rent one from the club, or share a tent with someone who does have one! It's really cheap, so don't let that stop you from signing up! When you've signed up, you will get a list of what you need to bring.

What do you do to come on the trip?

1. Sign up: come to a club meeting, join as a member and secure your spot by paying $150.

2. Attend the trip meeting on the 15th of March: this is compulsory, we'll sort out carpooling and gear hire.

3. Ensure that you have an Australian phone number and a local emergency contact number listed.

4. Respond to any emails sent out: we'll be sending out a medical form, this must be filled out before the trip meeting on the 15th of March!

If you have any questions, such as what each activity actually involves, please ask using the comments section below or come speak to Bernhard, Molly, or Harrison as well as any of the other committee members.

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