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Fri 13 - Sun 15 May 2022

Posted by Emily W on Fri, 25 Mar 2022
Leaders: Emily W
Standard: Intermediate
Meeting: Tue, 10 May 2022, 7:30 pm

Hey Team!

For newer players, the club has a hut on the North West Spur of Mount Feathertop. It was designed and built by past MUMC members (check out the history here: https://www.mumc.org.au/hut ). Its pretty cool. 

Our dear hut is in need of some love. This is a pre-winter maintenance trip to get everything tidy and up to standard prior to the snow season. 

The plan is to carpool up to Smoko and stay the night in the valley (most likely Smoko campground unless its too soggy), and head up early Saturday. Work on the hut Saturday and Sunday, and head back early enough to get everyone home in reasonable time.

There will also be another similar maintenance trip earlier in April to repair the broken window, but the date will be set for this one once the glass is ready. 

If any up and coming leaders are keen to help run a trip, please reach out (then we can up the trip numbers).

On the agenda (if not completed prior):

- Clean and tidy the hut.

- If not completed in April trip, replace worst timber in the window frames to prevent more window damage. 

- Check and fix any other urgent issues that need to be addressed prior to winter.

- Organise and inventory of the basement area.

- Take notes and measurements for any repairs that need to be completed ASAP in Spring, as well as reconnaissance for the larger hut maintenance project.

PLEASE NOTE: I've made this trip an intermediate trip for a few reasons:

- Its going to be mid- May for this one, and by then Feathertop can be getting pretty chilly (potential for early snowfall). Trip members need to be prepared for a cold night (and days). 

- This is a maintenance trip, so you may be required to help hike gear in/out.

- We may have quite a bit to do, so will need to be able to get up to the hut in good time on the Saturday.

If you don't fit into this category, but are keen to get up to the hut, never fear! I'll be running heaps of trips (monthly) from early Spring onwards, as we aim to do more work on the hut, so there will be heaps of opportunities to get up and savour it :)

Any Qs hit me up. Should be a really awesome weekend. 

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