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Fri 14 - Sun 16 Oct 2022

Posted by Jak B on Tue, 27 Sep 2022
Leaders: Jak B
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: Tue, 11 Oct 2022, 7:00 pm

Thanks to some poor cooperation with the weather, additional planting days have been announced for the regent honey eater project.

For those not in the loop. This project is an ongoing effort to restore the Winton Wetlands environment after some meddlesome teens in the 60s built a 7.5km rock wall turning it into a mediocre lake. To achieve this, a huge effort has been put into replanting the native flora 


This is a very straight forward trip where we drive up (or take the train depending on availability) on the Friday, camp overnight in the local campgrounds, and then on the Saturday we go planting. It's quite a cathartic experience.

So if any  of this interests you, Sign up or shoot myself an email!

Sad to say after speaking with the organiser for a while today (12/10/2022) about the current weather conditions the trip will have to be cancelled. While access to the wetlands is possible, all the soil we need to be working on is currently a few meters under water. I hopefully don't need to explain why this may be considered a bad state of being for planting. An interesting point is that this is the highest the water level has been since 2003 so yay for once in a hundred year events.

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