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Sat 11 8:00am - Mon 13 Jun 2011 3:00pm

Posted by Benjamin W on Tue, 7 Jun 2011
Leaders: No leader
Standard: app/trips.standards.Beginner/Intermediate
Meeting: Fri, 10 Jun 2011, 11:10 pm

Requirements: You spoke to me at the trip meeting on Tuesday and Have organised the gear you need

Everyone who spoke to me at the meeting on Tuesday and is coming on this skiing trip please sign up below. If you cannot sign up below please email  If you have any other problems call me on 0425 870 843. If you have not yet signed up i the you need to... or else i dont konw that you are coming....

I will post updated trip details here in the coming days, please keep an eye on this space.

At the moment the plan is:

Start:  Leave Saturday morning, meeting at clubrooms at 8am. Drive to Mt St Gwinear as this currently looks like the best bet for good snow coverage, and its relatively close.

Tanner is driving up early Sunday Morning.

What we will be doing:

-Leave cars in the carpark

-Carry all tents, food and equipment in our backpacks and ski to where we will camp the night.

-Set up camp close to junction of Tullicouty Trail and Summit Trail, Near Tullicouty Glen. (http://www.stgwinear.info/trail_map.pdf)

-Camp (one/two nights?) in the snow. Be prepared for cold weather! There will be no other way for you to warm up than in your tent and sleeping bag!

-Spend our days out skiing the trails, building sculptures in the snow and doing generally snowy stuff. Possibly ski over to Baw Baw for a day

-Last day: Pack up, ski back to cars then drive home quite exhausted.


Gear You Need to Bring: (This is not an exhaustive list, use your brain! and if you are really unsure speak to me)

  • Ski Jacket (waterproof/windproof ect)
  • Ski pants ("")
  • Sunglasses/ Goggles
  • Skis
  • Tent suitable for snow camping (including snow pegs)
  • Warm Sleeping bag, suitable for winter camping
  • Thermal Clothing (polypropelene/merino/polyester....NO COTTON ALLOWED ON THIS TRIP!)
  • Warm Jacket/Layers/ Fleece/ Down Jacket to keep you warm when we stop moving.
  • All meals that you will require while you are away.
  • All cooking equipment and fuel that you may need to cook said meals
  • Snacks (museli bars/ chocolate/ cake)
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid
  • Toilet paper

Other Stuff

If you want someone to share food / tent with email me or comment below and we will work something out.

Car Groups

Alasters Car (Leaving From Ringwood, Saturday Morning)

  1. Alaster
  2. Arom

Elvis (Leaving from the Boatshed (near clubrooms) 8am Saturday morning)

  1. Ben
  2. Rose
  3. Richard BS
  4. Ryan

Tanner's Car (Sunday Morning, ungodly hour)

  1. Tanner
  2. Paula
  3. Jess Trevitt
  4. Bec A

Sean's Car (Saturday, before 8am from City)

  1. Sean
  2. Jesse
  3. Mel

Post any questions or comments below, or email them to me:

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