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Mon 7 Nov 2022 10:00am

Posted by Anton J on Fri, 28 Oct 2022
Leaders: Anton J
Standard: Beginner
Meeting: Tue, 1 Nov 2022, 7:00 pm

Edit: Due to river conditions has shifted to a beach trip, likely 13th beach. 

An introduction to whitewater kayaking on our home run from Homestead Rd to Wittons Reserve. This is suitable for people who have completed an intro to kayaking session or have equivalent experience, you will also need to be a confident swimmer (50m). This will be even more focused on basic kayaking skills than usual, so we'll be stopping lots along the river to practise various things. 

And yes, this a weekday trip for the rare soul that is free during the week but has busy weekends. Hopefully the rivers have calmed down a little by then! Numbers limited as I assume I'll be the only leader. 

A rough guide for the day:

10:00am - Meet at the clubrooms to sort gear and load cars

12pm - Get on the river at Homestead Rd

3pm- Lunch

5.30pm - Get off river, repack cars

6.30-7.30pm - Back at clubrooms to wash and hang gear

What you need to bring:

- Secure footwear to wear in the boat (must stay on your feet if you are swimming, ie no thongs)

- Water bottle to carry (river water is not safe to drink)

- Sunscreen, hat, whatever you need for the sun

- Clothes to get wet in, preferably synthetic or merino, **no** cotton. You can also hire a wetsuit and/or cag (waterproof raincoat) from MUMC (free).

- Lunch.

- Towel and clothes to change into at the get-out point

Other details to be sorted out at the trip meeting, please come and talk to me if you are unsure at all about your confidence swimming. 

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