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Tue 7 Mar 2023 7:30pm

Posted by Luke F on Thu, 5 Jan 2023
Leaders: Luke F
Standard: Everyone welcome
Meeting: No meeting

Backcountry skiing is awesome! It's my favourite outdoor activity. It has taken me to many places both here in Australia and abroad. Come along and join me after the regular club meeting to learn about backcountry skiing and how you can get involved.  This is a little different from the presentation last year where I covered a broad scope of skiing activities in the club, this time it will be a narrow focus on off-piste backcountry skiing (climbing hills to ski down them), the most fun format in my totally biased opinion. This talk is also aimed towards people who are interested in purchasing their own kit, to give you some advice about what to get with enough time before the seasons starts.

The following questions (and more) will be answered:

  • What is backcountry skiing, and can I do it on a snowboard?
  • How difficult is it?
  • Is it safe?
  • How do I learn?
  • Where can I do it?
  • What equipment do I need and can I rent it from the club?
  • How much does it cost?

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