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Fri 2 3:00pm - Sun 4 Sep 2011 11:00pm

Posted by Benjamin W on Sun, 3 Jul 2011
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Standard: app/trips.standards.Experienced Skiier/Snowboarder
Meeting: Wed, 3 Aug 2011, 7:15 pm

Requirements: Very Fit. Know how to handle yourself in Alpine conditions Experience Hiking & carrying a lot of weight through hopefully deep snow, or whilst wearing snow shoes.

I'm not holding out much hope for a big dump now.... Though I will keep this page up for a few more weeks just in case something awesome happens.  Looks like you had better start dusting off your climbing shoes or come speak to me about paddling instead! Ben.

***** This trip has been rescheduled... a number of times, as stated below dates are highly snow dependant*****

********************Last Updated 3/8/2011********************

This is no longer a trip signup page, it is more just a way we can contact anyone who is interested and keep people up to date. Have a read of the information below anyway if you have not already, im still keen to run this trip if we get some decent snow dumps anytime soon.


This is predominantly a backcountry downhill skiing/snowboarding weekend. However there may be opportunities for hikers and less advanced skiers to join depending on conditions.

This date is not confirmed, just potential. It will depend completely on when the snow is there! Sign up for this trip if you like the sound of it, and we will organise actaul dates when the snow comes!

Hoping for a lot of fresh, deep, powedery snow.

Aim of this trip is to head up to the hut on Feathertop, most proabably hiking up Bungalow Spur, or if conditions allow, snowshoeing over the Razorback, starting Friday afternoon/evening or as early as possible depending on peoples commitments.

Over Saturday and Sunday the plan is to then Ski or Snowboard (I will be boarding) up and down the slopes of Feathertop. Boot packing, snow shoeing, skinning, skiing, crawling or generally getting up any way you can. Cherishing a few simple moments of bliss as you complete some smooth turns, drops, jumps, spins, grabs, flips, falls, bails and whatever else you feel like on the way down before you realise your right back where you started and begin the long haul back up the slope.

I am hoping to get out onto some fairly hard slopes, (maybe equivalent to blue or black in a resort) but we will play it by ear on the day, doing whatever the conditions allow. Downhill experience is a neccessity otheriwse you will have no idea what you are doing here. 

People wanting the full backcountry experience will need to be extremely fit, and confident on thier weapon of choice. They will need to be self sufficient in pretty much every way and have some idea of what they are getting themselves into. It will be a grueling couple of days, but well worth it if we get in a few fresh tracks through some knee deep powder. (*Note: Conditions will very rarely allow this in Australia...) The hike in will be challenging if you are carrying a board, or downhill skis and all food, and sleeping gear that may be needed.

If there is a group of not-so-confident people wanting to attack some easier slopes we will probably be able to accomodate you too.

Also there is plenty of scope for people to join us just wanting to come up and hang out in the hut, make snowmen and generally enjoy being on top of a mountain, in snow.

Keep your fingers crossed, skis and snowboard waxed and hope that we get some big dumps over the next few months!


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