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Fri 15 6:31pm - Sun 17 Jul 2011 10:00pm

Posted by Emily W on Thu, 7 Jul 2011
Leaders: No leader
Standard: app/trips.standards.Novice - Advanced
Meeting: Tue, 12 Jul 2011, 7:30 pm

Requirements: Must have prior bushwalking experience and all gear for camping in the snow.

Weekend snowcamping at JB plain (outside resort boundary near Mt Hotham). Plenty of opportunities exist for day trips for all levels of skiers and snowshoers. There is likely to also be a few members from LUMC and MBOC in attendance. Talk to Jeremy on Tuesday night for more info - I won't be able to attend the trip meeting Who: Anyone with interest in skiing/snowcamping with previous overnight bushwalking experience. This trip will only require you to carry your gear 150m so its perfect for improving your skiing skills without a pack on. What: Weekend Snowcamping and other activities (Will split into groups of those wanting to do similar activities on Sat-Sun. Options may include Intermediate-Advanced skiing around Mt Loch Intermediate - exploring some of the 4wd tracks in the area (off trails). Beginner-Intermediate skiing on trails to Mt Hotham Exploring the area on foot Being a campbum - sitting at camp making snow furniture and drinking hot chocolate.

When: Friday 15th July- Sunday 17th July

Where: JB plain ~5hrs from Melbourne near Mt Hotham/Dinner plain

What you need: All the usual gear for snowcamping and skiing. Most of the stuff can be hired from the club, you will need your own personal clothing.

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