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Mon 7 Aug 2023 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Posted by Luke S on Mon, 7 Aug 2023
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Standard: Everyone welcome
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Join us for our weekly social indoor climbing night at Urban Climb Blackburn

It’s lots of fun and also a great way to socialise and meet people interested in climbing!

There are options for rope climbing (lead or top rope), bouldering and to sauna (be sure to bring bathers and a towel)! If you are wanting to do lead climbing, make sure to call up urban climb and book in for a lead assessment. 

Entry is $18 for club members (+ $7 shoe and $5 harness hire). If it's your first time, look out for some of our  friendly club members who will be wearing MUMC t-shirts.

Join OXO club rooms Facebook messenger chat Monday Night Climbing to try and find a climbing partner (if you want to lead climb or top rope) and a lift in a car (bonus good karma if you’re driving and can take passengers)

Gear hire can be arranged on Tuesday night for a harness or shoes.

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