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Fri 15 7:00pm - Sun 17 Jul 2016 6:00pm

Posted by T J on Mon, 25 Jul 2016
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This year the BSAR general training is structured around snow searching in non steep terrain. It is on the 16-17 July (departing by bus 7pm on Friday), out of JB Plain at Mt Hotham. Highly likely to be cold and/or wet you will need proper winter gear including proper hiking boots and a 4 season tent. Last snow training three years ago we had 30cm of snow. It will involve snowshoes so if you have your own that would be great otherwise MUMC and/or BSAR will provide them if necessary.

Existing BSAR members should have got an email with sign up details. Please let me know if you intend to borrow snowshoes from MUMC otherwise just sign up via the link on the email.

For non-BSAR members who are experienced bushwalkers who feel they meet the prerequisites here: http://bsar.org/joining. Come and chat to me on Tuesday the 21st so I can sign you up if you have not already got in contact with me.

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